Perfect Man

Every woman in the history of the world says that they have the “perfect man”. But, they’re wrong.

I do.

I have always believed that he was perfect since day one… I just truly realized it today.

When it comes to mine and Tyler’s relationship, I am the one who “lacks” passion. I am passionate, don’t get me wrong. I am passionate about people, Jesus, my family, friends, food, clothes, shoes, coffee.. everything a normal person should be passionate about. But not a single soul is nearly as passionate as the man I get to share my future with.

But, having a man in your life who is “passionate”, isn’t as easy as you would think. Tyler is passionate about what I do, how I spend my time, my friendships, what I eat, what I don’t eat, what I say and don’t say, and just about anything else you could think of. I explained that worse than I probably could.. or even should have. But you get the picture. I seem to lack that incredibly strong passion. I’m the type of person whose mindset goes a little like this.. if you do something, make it worth while, fun and for Jesus, if you have friends.. pour into them more than they pour into you, you can eat whatever you want as long as it makes your soul “feel good”, if you say something.. make sure it’s nice. And that’s about as passionate as I get.

I have been fine with that passion I have never encountered before. Until I actually found myself right in the center of an incredible man’s passion.

Tonight I looked at Tyler in a way I have never looked at him before (we’re 3 1/2 hours away, so I had to pretend). Since day one, he has prayed about our friendship, relationship, and that God will open doors for us in ways we could never imagine. And because of that, God truly has. Side bar: Ty is looking for a full time job, and has been talking to a few churches for a worship leading position. The search is going great! But we would be so thankful if you kept us in your prayers! 🙂

That passion that he had was something I looked up to. It was something I never saw before.

But, God gave me this love I never felt before. Yes, from the beginning. But, tonight it was so much stronger.

Tyler has a friend who is a new believer in Christ. It is so beautiful! And this friend has been in my prayers since day one! (Keep them in yours too! :)) This passed week, Ty has been an amazing example for this friend. He has been sharing Jesus to them, just so much love and joy. It continues to take my breath away. But my man hasn’t only shared the love and knowledge of Jesus to his friend.. but, he continues to share it with me.

During this week Tyler has been an incredible disciple for God. But, I have not.

I have been so rude, hurtful, sensitive, angry, emotional, and just straight up mean. What right or reason do I have? I don’t have a single one. But, while I have attacked him with incredibly hateful words and my insecure heart.. he has shown me more love and respect than I could ever deserve. Just like Jesus does.

Satan has straight up been attacking my heart. Sounds scary, huh?

Tonight I told Ty that I needed to talk. Not fight. Just pour out my heart and all my problems and insecurities.

Once I was done, this amazing man of God just prayed. He comforted me when I felt weak, and reassured me when I felt insecure. He showed me Jesus when I felt so empty, and so far from the love of my savior.

In return, all I could say was, “I’m sorry.” I told him I was sorry for hurting him, for being so hateful, and not like the woman I was created to be. It made me hurt that I made him hurt. But, he wasn’t mad. He just loved me.

Just like Jesus does. He just loves. He takes care of us when we need it, and reassures us when we can’t find any reassurance in anything else.

I truly believe Tyler was placed in my life to be my husband. And let me tell you one thing.. I know he will be. And I know he will continue to pour into me like he has since the very first day.

I am so thankful. I am so blessed.

I found MY perfect man ❤

ImageHello, handsome ;D


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